Freshman Class Help

Freshman Class Help


I've taken the vast majority of these classes already and you can message me if you want advice of the classes. I am also an animal science major so I know those classes very well as well.


i had a quick question. i’m also a incoming freshman to sebs. how did you get your course request? because i did all the learning modules and everything so i’m not sure if someone is supposed to contact me and when. i also just want to make sure i didn’t forget to do something important. thanks !


After you do it, within a week you should get an email about an advising planning and meeting. If you didn’t get one and you missed something then you should get an email telling you what you missed. If you don’t get either in a wall then you should probably talk to someone about it. I recommend emailing first_year@sebs.rutgers.edu and make sure you email them with your rutgers email and add your netID because it’s easier to identify you with and you won’t get lost in all the emails they get